The Red Oak Shrine Club

Kensington, PEI

Red Oak Shrine Club was formed on December 8, 1988.  Nobles present at the founding meeting were:  Tom Offer, James Milligan Sr.,  James Milligan Jr., Elmer Newson, Philip Henderson, Cooke Howatt, Errol Monkley, Kendall Godkin, George Meikle, Earl Arsenault, William MacEwen, James Murphy and Leaman Caseley.    Noble Errol Monkley moved the adoption of the Name  "Red Oak Shrine Club",  seconded by Noble Cooke Howatt - motion Carried!   

The first slate of officers were: 

President:  Noble Leaman Caseley

Vice President : Noble Cooke Howatt

Secretary:  Noble Philip Henderson

Treasurer:  Noble William MacEwen

We meet on the 4th thursday of each month at mt. Zion Lodge in Kensington,  all visiting nobles are welcome!   

Red Oak Shrine Club

Kensington, PEI


Contact us:  

​RED OAK SHRINE CLUB                                     
C/O 4609 Route 20, Kensington, PE 
C0B 1M0

President:         Noble Scott Cousins
Vice President: Noble Roger Clark
Secretary          Noble Paul Montgomery
Treasurer:         Noble Elmer Newson